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Use of popular and accurate tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10 and Viral launch to fetch the most authentic and precise data so that you can reduce the risk of investing in low selling products and can target for better ROI.


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When it comes to research everything is compressed down to statistics. Analyze the sales volume, prices, BSR, competition, buy box percentage and reviews through neatly organized and easy to comprehend research files made manually by our research experts

Keyword Research

Give your product-specific criteria and leave the rest to us. We will analyze and track down the right product for you which is in accordance with your given criteria

Listing Optimization

Stay updated and keep a check on your competitors. Monitor their catalog, price, sales data, rank, reviews, revenue, inventory and overall progress.

Delivery and Review

Making a decision on the basis of “just” the present data can be misleading. Analyzing historical data can help you take an intake into the seasonal customer behavior and track the inflation or deflation in sales trend and number


iş görüşmesi


  • 1 product research

  • Keyword Research

  • Data analysis

  • Supplier links

  • General cost estimation

  • In-depth analysis of potential niches to enter and launch new products

  • One Revision




Web sitesi mockup


  • 2 product research

  • Research

  • Data analysis

  • Supplier links

  • Cost estimate 

  •  In-depth analysis of potential niches to enter and launch new products with high Revenue\

  • One Revision




Tasarımcı Notebook


  • 3 product research

  • Research

  • Data analysis

  • Supplier links

  • Cost estimate and price negotiation

  •  In-depth analysis of potential niches to enter and launch new products with high Revenue

  • One Revision




Product Research

Can you do custom research based on my preferences?

Yes, absolutely. We do customer-oriented research and can meet your criteria, based on the marketplace you need to search for, or product price range, etc

What is the price range of the products that you can find to me?

It depends on your requirements and budget however, our team prefers products that are in the $14-35 price range which have high ROI and can be much more lucrative

Do you offer competitor analysis?

Our product research analyst perform basic competitor search during the product research process. For a more in-depth competitor analysis, we chanrge extra given that our product research analyst goes through main competitors' listings and reviews, research brands' strength and advise on best customization options.

What if you steal my ideas

Integrity is one of the main pillars of Amazon Realm. We do not disclose your product ideas to anyone. The goal of Amazon Realm is to have repeated customers that are successful and happy with the results. We focus on sharing our knowledge with sellers who want to build a successful online business

Do I need to provide you a niche or do you research a suitable niche for me?

If you want to target your own niche, please contact us first and we can discuss what the next steps will be. If you do not have a niche, our team will find a profitable niche with a suitable product for you.