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It’s no mystery that having a powerful listing in Amazon is imperative. Listing Optimization is the foundation of Amazon selling as most of the things related to ranking, clicks, and conversions are directly linked to it. To do it the right way, you need someone well-versed with copywriting and the Amazon Ranking Algorithm. Luckily, we have both of these talents here at Amazon Realm.


Listing Optimization

What is your optimazation process?

Our content team will present you with a complete road map to optimization with the following steps; Product/ Brand Research from multiple sources, Extensive Keyword Research, and finally copywriting.

What is included in your optimization package?

We do Title (200 characters), Features (5 bullets), Description, Backend Search Terms (250 characters), Subject Matter (250 characters) and extensive Keyword Research using up to 3 different and reliable keyword tools.

What is your average turnaround time?

We deliver our optimization service within 3 business days.

What are the requirments for your listing optimization service?

We require you to submit us the existing link of the listing (if applicable) otherwise the main keyword with product images or your product website link (if available)

Do you create EBC for listing?

Yes, depending on the plan choice with us, we also update listings with attractive EBC.

On which format do you use to deliver optimized listings?

We use an easily accessible and professional excel sheet template to cover all optimization bases in a single file.

Do you also keep track of keyword rankings?

Yes, we track listing keywords to make sure they rank and make suggestions when they need any changes to boost sales.