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PPC Setup and Management

What Strategies do you use to run PPC campaigns effectively?

We begin with the elimination of low performing campaigns and consolidation of converting keywords into the main focus campaign. With progress tracking over weekly KPIs, we rank and index the top 10 keywords to eventually achieve organic sales.

What is the requirement for PPC management?

We require you to extend the user permissions to us. (located beneath the advertisement tab)

How will i know if my PPC campaign is working?

We keep our clients updated with holistic reports twice a month (mid-month and end-of- the-month) that tracks progress throughout the month including ASIN Rankings, Keyword Rankings, and Organic Orders vs Advertised Orders.

How long does it take to optimize a PPC campaign?

There is no fixed time period. We conclude the optimization cycle is complete only when all 10 Keywords are indexed and we have achieved a 70/30% split between organic and advertised orders.

What changes can you bring to improve my PPC campaigns?

Reduction of ACOS, Improve Sales and Increase in ROI.

Will you manage my account and provide customer support in addition to running PPC?

We do extend our services to account management and Virtual Assistance per agreement.


We create product package designs that enhance the customer experience. With our detail- oriented methodology, we translate your differentiation strategy into a packaging design that sets your packaging apart from the rest of the competition.