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Goksel, Ceo of Wessi

 Amazon Realm is a godsend!

We get a peace knowing that their team has our backs. The Amazon Realm team members are very professional and get the job done without being micromanaged. In fact, their services are worth every penny given that they prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else

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Melissa, Ceo of PriyanaMD

Having a team of Amazon consultants from Amazon Realm is must for any Amazon seller. We have been using their services for over two years and i can't speak enough about their level of integrity. We have been  have been selling on Amazon for years and finally, we found a team of professionals that can help us thrive and work through the day to day challenges of Amazon

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Jessica, Ceo of Hye Beauty

Amazon Realm PPC team is the best in the Market to this date. From 70% average cost of sale (ACoS) down to 20.80% for the year. I am very grateful and appreciative for everything their team did for our company. They went above and beyond to ensure that we are successful in the challenging world of Amazon. Thank you Amazon Ream!

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